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"We have a vision that someday, for herself and her newborn, every pregnant woman will chose to follow a planned prenatal fitness program."

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Fit to Deliverâ„¢ Introduces: The Core Stability Series 1, 2 & 3

Fit to Deliver - Co-Author Carl Petersen BPE, BSc (PT) has teamed up with Fit to Deliver certified trainer Nina Nittinger to develop a series of Core Stability DVD's entitled Fit to Play & Perform.

Improve core stability with functional exercises that work the muscle slings and connect your upper & lower core muscles. This DVD series focuses on functional core stability training with physio/stability balls, balance equipment and elastic resistance bands. Work with a qualified trainer or caregiver to determine which exercises are most appropriate for your individual circumstances and fitness level.

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Information on purchasing can also be found at or by e-mailing or telephone (604) 606-1420.

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